Human difference is in spare time

Human difference is in spare time

Science master Einstein once said: “The difference between people is to relax time.”

We always think that people are different from each other. There are environment, organic conditions, ability, and personality differences.

Why is it “in my spare time”?

Free time means rest and recharge for each of us.

  On August 20, 2000, Xinhua Weekend reported that Dr. Wang Qiyan, a professor at Renmin University of China, introduced this group to a sample survey of the living hours of urban residents across the country and found that the average daily working hours of urban residents is 5 hours and 1 minuteThe time required for personal life is 10 hours and 42 minutes, housework time is 2 hours and 21 minutes, and leisure time is 6 hours and 6 minutes.

The four types of activity time accounted for 21%, 44%, 10%, and 25% of the total time, respectively.

This is how city people spend every day.

In more than 10 years, people’s leisure time has increased by 69 minutes, and leisure time accounts for one third of human life.

These residents spend 3 hours and 38 minutes in front of the TV every day, killing half of their free time.

In Japan, Americans watch TV for 1 hour 37 minutes and 2 hours 14 minutes a day.

  The survey results also show that the working life of a bachelor’s degree or higher educated person is 4 times that of a low educated person, and their income is 7 times or more.

Educational level beyond, the more meaningful lifelong learning, the average daily learning time is 61 minutes.

  How much free time does everyone have?

How to spend free time?

There’s a lot of attention here.

When you have a lot of spare time, and you spend so much temporary time on playing cards, dancing, hanging out, and watching TV, your income is like a rocker, and this will go down.

On the contrary, income will rise.

Income is the society’s reward for you, and it is also a materialized form of one’s value.

When your income is gradually in a bull or bear market, your lifestyle and content of life tend to change, and your ideals and pursuits are greatly different from others. At this time, you consciously or unconsciously differ from others.

“The difference between people is in their spare time.”

This may be another way of expressing people and time, as well as a profound and intriguing way of expression.

  Lenin said that if he doesn’t rest, he won’t work.

It is time to give it a new meaning.

Entering the information society and embracing the era of the knowledge economy will also inevitably require us to reduce or even occupy the relief time.

Market competition is pervasive.

In our spare time, we can all smell a breath of knowledge and money.

“I am an ordinary person, and I do n’t find that I am any different from others,” said Dr. Zhang Chaoyang, president of Sohu, who has been rated as a “digital hero” by Time Magazine.

If there is a difference, it is that I work (think) every day except for an average of 7 hours of sleep. ”

  It is said that Osler, a Canadian medical educator who has successfully studied the third type of blood cells (now called platelets) and other achievements, has set a system for himself in order to extend his time from step by step work.Book of minutes.

No matter how late he was in the bedroom, even at two or three in the morning, he would have to read a book for 15 minutes before falling asleep.

He persisted in this system for half a century, read a total of 82.35 million words and 1098 books, and medical experts became literary researchers.

Osler benefits the magic of time with life.

  Do you want to show the value of existence?

Do you want to be different from others?

So, make good use of your spare time!